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October 1, 2018
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October 1, 2018

Parquet polyurethane varnish “PARQUET”

(TU U 24.3-30425524-001-2003) 

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Composition : Alkyd-urethane resin in a mixture of aliphatic hydrocarbons and special additives.

Назначение: Для декоративно-защитного лакирования деревянных и деревоподобных поверхностей подверженных высоким эксплуатационным нагрузкам внутри зданий и сооружений (паркетный и дощатый пол, лестницы, столешницы, различная мебель, межкомнатные двери и так далее). Может наноситься на металл, керамику, а также на поверхности, ранее покрытые алкидными, алкидно-уретановыми, полиуретановыми, нитроцеллюлозными и другими материалами на основе органических растворителей.

Properties : It spreads evenly over the surface, forming a durable, perfectly smooth and transparent glossy coating that optimally combines elasticity, high hardness, strength and wear resistance. It adheres perfectly to the base, emphasizes the natural beauty of wood, does not interfere with the “breathing” of the surface and does not crack with time, is highly resistant to scratches, water, alcohol and household chemicals.


Packing 0.8 l, 2.5 l, 20 l
Appearance Glossy, semi-matte, matte
Colour Colorless
Application For interior work
Application Method Brush, roller, paint sprayer
Consumption per layer 60-100 ml / m², depending on the type of wood and method of application
Drying time at a temperature of 20 ° C and humidity of 60% On tack-off – 12 hours, grinding and applying the next layer can be carried out after 24 hours, furniture can be arranged, the coating can be washed and subjected to maximum load not earlier than 3 days
Film-forming Alkyd-Urethane Resin
Solvent “Rolax RK-005” or white spirit
Warranty period of storage 18 months from production date

Special features

Maintains high mechanical loads
Resistant to prolonged exposure to water, alcohols and household chemicals
Perfectly meshes with the base.
Forms a perfectly smooth surface.
Highlights the natural beauty of wood
Does not interfere with the “breathing” of the surface
Highly scratch resistant
Elastic, does not crack with time

Instructions for use

Surface preparation : The surface to be treated should be smooth, durable, dry and clean, free from dust, fat, biological and other contaminants. Previously untreated wood must be pre-coated with Rolax BASE alkyd wood protective primer.

Drawing: Immediately before use, the varnish should be thoroughly mixed, if necessary, diluted with a solvent “Rolax RK-005” (an analogue of white spirit). Work should be carried out at a temperature of + 5 ° C to + 25 ° C and a humidity not higher than 80%. While working and until the varnish is completely dry, avoid strong drafts and direct sunlight on the lacquered surface. Apply the lacquer with a uniform thin layer with a brush or roller, after full drying, sand the surface with fine emery paper, vacuum thoroughly, wipe with a damp cloth and let it dry (do not forget about baseboards, window sills and batteries), then apply the next lacquer layer. The ideal result is achieved when applying a primer and 2 layers of lacquer with intermediate sanding on new or completely cleaned wood from old coatings. If the varnish is applied to a surface previously covered with other materials, then a primer layer is not required, and the quality of the finishing coating will directly depend on the quality of the surface and the material on which the varnish is applied. Rinse instrument immediately after use. Dispose of closed containers with product residues at organized waste collection sites.

Storage conditions : Store and transport in sealed original packaging at a temperature not exceeding 30 ° C, do not allow direct sunlight.

Security measures : Work carried out in a well-ventilated area. Rubber gloves should be used to protect hands, respiratory organs – respirator, eye – goggles.