НПП “ХИМПРОДУКТ” – a company with many years of experience and highly qualified personnel for the wholesale supply of paint and varnish and chemical products for all industrial and trading enterprises of Ukraine.

As an official dealer of the largest and most reliable manufacturers of paint and varnish and chemical products in Ukraine and neighboring countries, partners, including EU countries, we are ready to provide the most favorable prices and price-quality ratio for consumers of the Ukrainian market!

To select the most reliable manufacturers of paint and varnish products, we use the following criteria:

  • Long-term successful experience and stable guaranteed quality
  • The number of personnel at the manufacturer – more than 100 people
  • The company develops and manufactures paints and varnishes (paintwork materials) for mechanical engineering, aircraft building, shipbuilding, railway transport, roll metal, etc.
  • It has equipment for testing coatings and coatings in accordance with GOST, ISO, EN, DIN, ASTM, etc.
  • It is the manufacturer of the “Color File Cards” for the production and use of paint and varnish materials.
  • Is a member of the European industry organizations: ECCA (European Association of Manufacturers of Painted Rolled Metal), FATIPEC (Federation of the Association of Technical Specialists-Paintworkers of Continental Europe)
  • The existing manufacturing technology of paintwork materials at the enterprise is based on flexible, compact technological schemes with the use of modern equipment and instruments, allowing to produce lots of products from 10 kg to 12 tons.
  • The company produces more than 100 items of paint and varnish on various binders …

And, most importantly, the main activities of the company are the supply of paintwork materials for almost all industries:

    1. aircraft industry
    2. shipbuilding
    3. railway transport
    4. commercial vehicles
    5. chemical engineering
    6. agricultural engineering
    7. metal structures
    8. machine tool industry
    9. electrical machines and electrical equipment
    10. heat pipelines (construction)
    11. coil paint
    12. painting metal in sheets
    13. instrument making
    14. coloring of a container
    15. coloring plastics
    16. glass painting
    17. fittings painting
    18. laser engraving
    19. foil coloring
    20. marking paint
    21. Decorative coatings for various industries
    22. UV-curing coatings

Therefore, we represent products of the highest quality and reliable manufacturers, so that guaranteed quality always remains our pride!

The modern level of production technology, highly qualified personnel, focus on continuous development and the production of high-quality innovative and traditional products determine the current look of the company supplying products!

The list of consumer questions will never be satisfied, because life does not stand still - every day more and more new materials are published - and we will try to help you with all this more easily:

      • What to ground and then paint the metal in the shop or in your area?
      • What to process the foundation of the base or fence before filling with soil?
      • How to cover the metal structures of the future hypermarket or entertainment center, so that the covered ones would be fireproof, durable, eco-friendly and at the same time everything – at the price of a regular coating?
      • How to protect the underwater parts of ships, boats? Make them covered with antifouling? So – durable?
      • How and what to paint the cars, constantly in contact with oil, weathering? Snow, rain, icing?
      • What super-powerful and durable primers and paints can be used in the aircraft industry, where safety is known above all?
      • What materials are suitable for electroplating? How to degrease expensive metal?
      • How to open or tint wooden products with the greatest efficiency? Without overpaying 5-fold price for an import brand?
      • Which fillings are suitable for cars and which ones for metal structures used in special conditions?
      • What materials or multi-layer coatings are suitable for working in conditions of chemical exposure to gases, acids, alkalis … Maybe they are just water tanks, maybe for wine … or engine oil … How to protect them from the inside for a long period?

We will try to take into account the answers to all these questions on our information site, since our goal and objective is to make the world more colorful, brighter and more beautiful.!