The main activities of the company are the supply of paint and varnish materials for almost all industries:

    1. aircraft industry
    2. shipbuilding
    3. railway transport
    4. commercial vehicles
    5. chemical engineering
    6. agricultural engineering
    7. metal structures
    8. machine tool industry
    9. electrical machines and electrical equipment
    10. heat pipelines (construction)
    11. coil paint
    12. painting metal in sheets
    13. instrument making
    14. coloring of a container
    15. coloring plastics
    16. glass painting
    17. fittings painting
    18. laser engraving
    19. foil coloring
    20. marking paint
    21. Decorative coatings for various industries
    22. UV-curing coatings

Therefore, we represent products of the highest quality and reliable manufacturers, so that guaranteed quality always remains our pride!