The basic principle in the activities of our company is the production of high quality products, which is provided by the use of raw materials from leading world manufacturers, modern technological equipment and laboratory control means.

The company produces more than 300 units of various paints and varnishes, including high-quality paints, enamels, primers, varnishes and wood protective agents, decorative materials, adhesives and sealants, solvents and special-purpose materials. This range allows you to ensure the implementation of all stages of paint and varnish works on objects of civil, industrial and transport construction, as well as in the manufacture of various products. requiring connection paints.

The history of Aurora Paint and Varnish Plant LLC begins in 1933, when a cooperative for the production of paints and varnishes was organized in Cherkasy.
In the following years, on the basis of the artel they created the Cherkassy Aurora Paint and Varnish Plant, which since 2004 was reorganized into Aurora Paint and Varnish Plant.

In 2008, the plant became part of the corporation “Helios Group” (Republic of Slovenia), which is one of the largest manufacturers of paint and varnish products in Europe. Began, and continues now, the complete reconstruction of workshops and sites, the modernization of production with the development of modern technologies and the introduction of high-performance equipment.

Constantly updating and expanding the product range, new types of which are developed by the plant development department with the support of the research base of the corporation “Helios Group”.

Since 2005, the company has a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001: 2001, ISO 9001: 2008, and since 2010, an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001: 2004 The quality management system has been certified by UkrSEPRO, the Shipping Register of Ukraine, Russia Maritime Register of Shipping.

In 2010, the company became a member of the association of Ukrainian manufacturers of paints and varnishes (AUVLP), which is the only voluntary, non-profit, professional organization in Ukraine, representing the interests of manufacturers of paints and varnishes.

In 2011, a technical committee “Varnishes and paints” (TC 168) was established in Ukraine, in the structure of which the subcommittee “Metal coating systems and methods for their testing and testing” is assigned to the plant. The main activity of TC 168 is the development of national and interstate standards, harmonized with international and regional.

TC 168, with the participation of specialists from Avrora Paint and Varnish Plant LLC, developed state standards for water-dispersion materials for outdoor and indoor use (DSTU ISO 13300, DSTU ISO 1062-1), which are identical to European standards.

Standards are put into effect by the order of the Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine of 28.11.12 No. 1356.


Constantly introduce innovations and create quality products to best meet the needs of the market.

Maintain high business qualities and success, balancing the economic growth of an enterprise with the satisfaction of the expectations of owners, employees, business partners and business, political and social environment.

It is with great responsibility to treat the resources that are at our disposal so that our activities benefit the present and future generations.

To remain a solid enterprise, which not only our employees are proud of, but also the country as a whole.

Activity Description

To date, there are four directions of products:

  1. Paints for road marking TM “TRAFFIC”
  2. Materials for industrial use TM “Aurora”
  3. Semi-finished varnishes TM “Aurora”
  4. Decorative paints and varnishes TM “MIKS color”

The main difference of our paints from the materials of competitors – High quality, excellent performance and a wide range of colors.

For dynamic development, the company continuously invests in upgrading equipment for the production of paint and varnish materials. At the same time, the company improves the qualification of personnel engaged in the manufacture of paint and strictly controls the supply of components for paints and varnishes.

The company has extensive experience not only in the production of paints, but also in the development of original formulations of products.

Policolor products are manufactured on modern equipment using advanced technologies from high-quality raw materials from leading European and

Together with the Gosstandart specialists, work is underway to introduce and control the production of a quality management system. The modern laboratory, having all the necessary means for this, constantly works on the creation of new types of products, improves both the technology and the technical characteristics of the goods produced by Policolor LLC.

Today we offer our partners a wide range of products, including:

  • enamel,
  • primers,
  • solvents
  • water dispersion paints, putties,
  • adhesives and other products.

The company is introducing new equipment, improving technological processes, aspiration and cleaning systems, allows to minimize emissions to the environment, improve the environmental friendliness of paints and varnishes.

The product range covers all the varieties of varnishes and paints required in industry: to protect metal from corrosion and weathering in different climatic zones, for painting ships, airplanes, cars, bridges, reinforced concrete structures and building materials for facades, concrete, wood, complex coatings for objects used in aggressive environments for at least 20 years, road marking paints. Paintwork materials are characterized by good performance, high wear resistance, weather resistance, protection from sunlight, ease of use and time-tested quality.

Development prospects
Lakokraska OJSC, the city of Lida, is part of one of the largest concerns of the Republic of Belarus, Belneftekhim, and for 50 years has maintained the status of one of the leading enterprises of the republic in the production of paints and varnishes.

Modern innovative production technologies, qualified personnel, high-quality raw materials allow to expand the range and improve the quality of products, to increase the volume of production of paints and varnishes.

Evidence of the European level of products is prestigious international awards for success in production, in the field of assortment and efficiency, production ecology and for the quality of finished products.

Business card
For fifty years, Lakokraska OJSC, the city of Lida, has firmly retained the status of the leading enterprise in the Republic of Belarus in the production of paints and varnishes for various sectors of the national economy and for export abroad. On an area of ​​56 hectares, there are two production facilities with nine workshops with modern equipment (equipment from NETZSCH, BBS GmbH, MAN DFE GmbH, GEA Luftkuhler GmbH (Germany) and other companies). Constantly being upgraded and improved technical processes, produced more than 2 thousand items of products.

The stable quality of the paintwork materials produced meets the best international standards, thanks to which more and more consumers in our domestic and international markets prefer our products.

“Henkel Bautechnik (Ukraine)” produces 400 product items.

Ceresit and Thomsit building mixtures, Metylan glue, paints, household adhesives and Moment building mixtures.

There are 4 plants in Ukraine:

  • Plant for the production of building mixtures
    Nikolaev, Lviv region
  • Plant for the production of building mixtures
    Balakley town, Kharkiv region
  • Plant for the production of liquid plasters and paints
    Vyshgorod, Kiev region
  • Plant for the production of liquid plasters and paints
    Tsyurupinsk, Kherson region

Bundling centers
40 Ceresit-Pro picking centers insulate buildings using bonded thermal insulation. 305 Toning Centers Ceresit tint plasters and paints in 350 colors at points of sale.

We have received the international quality management certificate ISO 9001: 2008 for our products. Our project department supports and trains workers and engineers at construction sites where Henkel materials are used. We monitor and evaluate working conditions in factories using the SHE (Safety, Health and Environment) system.

We opened the first in Ukraine laboratory “Improving the competitiveness of buildings and structures” on the basis of KNUBA.


Kolycheva, 65, 1230, Domžale, Republic of Slovenia

Legal form

Limited liability company

Number and date of registration: 10447300 of 12/20/1989. in the State Register of the District Court, m Ljubljana

ID: 5043212000
TIN: SI45984794
Activity Code: 20.300

Account Number: Bank “NLB”, no. current account: 02300-0014845089

Telephone Number: + 386 1722 40 00
Fax Number: + 386 1722 43 10


Number of employees: 857 people as of December 31, 2010.

Director of the company: Marco Vresk, Master