And, most importantly, the main activities of the company are the supply of paintwork materials for almost all industries:

    1. Long-term successful experience and stable guaranteed quality
    2. The number of personnel at the manufacturer – more than 100 people
    3. The company develops and manufactures paints and varnishes (paintwork materials) for mechanical engineering, aircraft building, shipbuilding, railway transport, roll metal, etc.
    4. It has equipment for testing coatings and coatings in accordance with GOST, ISO, EN, DIN, ASTM, etc.
    5. It is the manufacturer of the “Color File Cards” for the production and use of paint and varnish materials.
    6. Is a member of the European industry organizations: ECCA (European Association of Manufacturers of Painted Rolled Metal), FATIPEC (Federation of the Association of Technical Specialists-Paintworkers of Continental Europe)
    7. The existing manufacturing technology of paintwork materials at the enterprise is based on flexible, compact technological schemes with the use of modern equipment and instruments, allowing to produce lots of products from 10 kg to 12 tons.
    8. The company produces more than 100 items of paint and varnish on various binders