Unedged Board
November 6, 2018
November 6, 2018

Edged Board

Edged board – the category of lumber from different woods. The cut is carried out according to technical requirements according to standards or by the size of the customer. 


The bark (wane) is absent or present in a minimum quantity, which is separately stipulated in the documentation. The cross section at the end has the correct rectangle shape. Width is greater than thickness two or more times. The edging board is released and calculated in cubic meters.

Hardness classification:

  • Pine is the most popular wood. The resin in the structure prevents rotting, but has a pronounced odor. Dries well, does not warp. Used in construction and for repair work.
  • Ash, alder – soft hardwood. Dense in structure, with a pronounced pattern are often used for the manufacture of furniture, parquet, floorboard.
  • Oak – hardwood hardwood. It bends well, but hard enough for cutting. Fertile material for the production of furniture. On the floor of oak parquet heels do not leave the slightest trace.

The quality of the material depends on the time of harvesting, the place of growth and the degree of humidity.

If the board is bought with a long-range sight, you need to create the right storage conditions for it:

  • use bricks as a substrate;
  • each row is laid with a gap of 25 mm;
  • from above to close a film from snow or a rain, but on each side to leave gaps for airing.
  • remove the film in dry weather, otherwise the tree will “ripen” and begin to rot.

It is especially important to think about the storage location in case the boards spend the winter in your yard.