November 6, 2018
Block House
November 6, 2018


The mounting rail is a sawn timber, in which all sides are sawn. 


Although a little blunt wane with bark on the edges of the products can come across. This is allowed by the guests. Here it makes sense to immediately note that most of the rake does not have many wood flaws, because it is quite thin and with the slightest problems (knots, cracks) becomes inapplicable. Therefore, often this product refers to the lumber of the first grade. But, of course, there is an inexpensive second-grade mounting rail for sale – with various mechanical defects, slightly curved, with an extraneous surface color. Sometimes, under the name “rake”, semi-edged (one of the sides is completely rounded and covered with bark – a sharp wane) are sold to small-section lumber.

Breed for cutting the mounting rail using the standard for Ukraine. If pine is out of competition, as the needles are available, cheap, practical. Sometimes aspen is used as raw material. In warehouses, they are usually sold solid wood slats, but it is also possible to find spliced ​​models in which the knots are pre-cut out in retail outlets.

By the way, if you wish, you can order a mounting rail from more valuable species (for example, oak) and ask to make it according to individual sizes, for your money, as they say – every whim.