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October 2, 2018
Enamel VL-515
October 2, 2018

Enamel BT-177

Paint BT-177 is a suspension of bituminous varnish BT-577 and PAP-2 aluminum powder according to GOST. The paint has a decorative appearance, protects the surface from corrosion and weathering and dries quickly. 

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Purpose (BT-177)

Enamel is used to paint and protect metal structures and products used in harsh atmospheric conditions. The surface covered with BT 177 paint in 2 layers retains its protective properties for 2-5 years.


The old coating is cleaned of dirt, rust, scale, loose old coating and degreased. Enamel must be thoroughly mixed until uniform throughout the volume of the container. When painting, it is desirable that direct sunlight does not fall on the coating. To put with a brush, the roller or an airbrush in 2 layers. The warranty period of storage of paint in tightly closed container makes 12 months from the date of production. Do not carry out work near an open source of fire.


The internal surfaces of containers for collecting and storing water to paint this paint is prohibited. The same applies to metal products that heat up above + 150 ° С.

Specifications (BT-177)

Item number The name of indicators Norm
one Film color yellow, the shade is not normalized
2 The appearance of the film after drying the film should be smooth, uniform, without extraneous inclusions
3 Mass fraction of nonvolatile substances of the semifinished product of the primer,% 60 + 3
four Relative viscosity by viscometer at T (20 + 0.5) 0 С, s 20-28
five Drying time to degree 3 at T (20 + 2) 0С, h, not more than 6
6 The degree of grinding of semi-finished primer, µm, not more 50
7 Flexural elasticity of the film, mm, not more five
eight Film durability at impact on the device, cm, not more 50
9 Film resistance at T (60+) С, h, at least, to action:
Fuel 6
Water 6
ten Adhesion, points, not more one